Reindeer Pictures

Reindeer Pictures

Reindeer pictures

Christmas crafts for fun are when they are with their children from school during the season of vacations.

Reindeer photos

No need these a lot of craft Rennes of delivery and are very cheap to make.Perhaps you already have some of the supplies you need to do at home. Reindeer pictures They are also easy to do, have your children short term attention, these craftsmen a few minutes only for them all and enjoy.

Reindeer wallpapers

Rennes popsicle stick crafts

Reindeer images

Three sticks.u000dTwo eyes shake camerau000dA red pom pomu000dRed Ribbonu000dHot glue gun

Reindeer pics

If you have children, you need this boat to monitor and you with hot glue gun

photos of Reindeer

Was a stick horizontally in the table above.Instead of the other two sticks in the form of v at the beginning of the first floor (see photo).This will be the face of Rennes and the horns.Paste the Poles in place.

pictures of Reindeer

Eyes glue two where you only to sit glued on top first poles hold (see photo) wiggle.

Take a red Pom Pom and paste it into the top of the face of Rennes for the nose.

Cutting red tape (CA.12 cm) in length and bind on each side of the face of Rennes, near the eyes.

That's it! Crafts of Rennes of their child is ready to hang up. Reindeer photos Makes a great Christmas tree ornament or to OMA!

Rennes Cannes of candy.

These Reindeer candy sticks are an old favorite of the time.You are great to parties selling holiday bazaars and also great crafts for children on vacation.We will do next to our Christmas party Novak week.

You need for this craft:

Candy sticksu000dEyes Verwackelnu000dBrown pipe cleanersu000dPOMS small red pomu000dHot glue gun

rides a pipe in the middle and a little hot glue in the curve that you made.Under the hook a cane of candy and the press for stick to you (see photo).You can even include the pipe cleaner to keep the cane of candy for the pipe cleaner.This will be the wood of Reindeer .Rotate the pipe cleaner Rennes look like wood. Reindeer wallpapers I addressed us in a zigzag.Schema

Two eyes of glue on the front of the hook shake the cane of candy for the eyes and glue on a red nose Pom Pom

Are these fun and hang on the Christmas tree.You can decorate Christmas gift or put in the holiday gift bags.Children love.