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Bird pictures

Capture big Bird photos can sometimes difficult, with good preparation, equipment, and a few simple tips, it can however also quite fun and interesting.What follows is our best tips for taking better Bird stock photo.

Bird photos

Knowledge, your city.

Bird wallpapers

, If you hope to collect, on some images large wild Bird , the first thing that you need to know your site is. Bird pictures First of all, to research and find out what species are likely to recognize you.Here you train where and when you find probably

Bird images

If you can find a map of some description, convert as a sketch of the card so that you on your own data can mark.If you arrive first, and then select the path of General of the Sun brand if you can expect light at different locations in the vegetation/habitat types and where to find good coverage for themselves.

Bird pics

You select different species on the ground the location (and time) in thus and soon, you have a reference useful for future shoots.If you know where you need to what time of day to be there and must be, capturing Bird s photos you will find return.

photos of Bird

I know most of the best Bird photographer, tell me they get generally occur the best shots on the first visit often...photos of wild Bird s better if they, the location and your backyard know.

pictures of Bird

White to your subject.

, This should go without saying for each type of animal photography, but it is particularly important to take pictures a large Bird . Bird photos Bird s are incredibly fast and appear to often totally unpredictable, so get to know you better this will be the better your chances to anticipate their behavior and the shot you want.

To begin with, invest in a good Bird guide and you learn everything on how you want to photograph.For reproduction, food habits, nested and migratory behaviour helps ensure that you are at the right place at the right time.

Knowledge of their specific behavior of guides and observation, you can you expect, what to do if you have found.More time you spend watching Bird s, better you will be able to predict their behaviour, and it will give you more time to get used to.

There are some behaviors that are fairly universal, can you therefore start.

Most Bird s will take off and land in the wind, a wind is so they know your place and positioned facing in the direction of the likely position of the Bird s with the sun behind you...that is so your photos with the Bird flying towards you get lit facilities

'TEMPUS more also Bird s ' feathers just before that they take off.When they are relaxed (and don't) see more mellow.If they want to fly, they seem almost a second or two before the launch even retractable.If you see this, it may be a trigger big stem.

Buy the long lens faster than you can afford


comes with a caveat... Bird wallpapers You need a disproportionately expensive lens photos of marketable Bird s...but will be of extra length, you can offer you assistance.

Some of the best Bird photographer I know nothing more that a standard will use 100 mm - 400 mm telephoto lens and incredible results.In fact the say more you, it is more on preparation & research, good positioning and using techniques.stealth patients

Therefore in an ideal world, all Bird s, a 600 mm f4 af lens photographer, but realistic, all, what would have 300 mm is probably good enough if sharpen you your other ornithologists.skills

You can of course a Teleconvertor...a Teleconvertor 1.4 on a 400 mm lens will you in the region of 600 mm, but deliberately be, that you lose a few decisions in the process.Open and light settings that might be OK, but in all types of vegetation, it is likely, make it hard life.

A last option many dedicated Bird ers use Digiscoping...Attach your camera to your window.A window with the X 25 magnification would be equivalent to a 1500mm lens, as well as when you purchase the adapter, it can be a very affordable way close to your subjects.

The camera settings

In most cases, you want to use faster settings possible, to deal with the speed and the mobility of your subjects, and with the long lens, you will.When the Bird s fly, rule which will have to keep crisp, at least 1/500 second shutter speed. Bird images Even if they are located, many Bird s is Fidgets and rarely perfectly or.

, This can occur if it is slow, and the movement want to pass (can and should be) this consciously.Keep in mind that a difference between a deliberately captured photo it to convey movement and simply not sharp.If Movement my suggestion would be to be you, use sound swing, sure, there is no question of the observer you will notice that it was deliberate!

Sensitivity ISO digital allow you to speed up things, just how quickly you can go to take into consideration before the quality of the image

Always remember, always check your claims.White, luminous sky build your camera auto-exposition for flight usually plans you need 1-2 stops or exposure compensation and more.Connection to obtain the permission of

other devices

usually a tripod would apply basic configuration when you use a long but often situations you find yourself setting up lens, may make it difficult.Use a if you can, especially when you hide one or semi-permanent work location, but if you are on the way, I find much more useful still a monopod, by all means.In generally forested areas a tree abandoned me, brace

many Bird photographers will tell you to your car makes a tripod and large hide in one.Many Bird s are pretty much used in cars now, so if you are sitting quietly on the ground and for a few minutes, many Bird s forget that the car is. Bird pics Take you a bag small bean ready for a silent camera and your company in.

You wear always extra battery and the memory, and in the field of plastic bags a few help to protect your equipment against the elements.If you really touch it roughing, many professionals you change lenses not even...they really need a choice of the lens, but it is already attached was an additional camera, any chance that dirt and water inside.to avoid the


there are a few basic rules that apply to the more animal photography, and they are particularly relevant for photographers of the Bird as well.

u000dFirst of all focus on the eyes.u000dIf the eyes are pointed, plays no role, the rest.u000dAnd if the eyes are not clear, the rest doesn't matter!u000d

No doubt there will be exceptions, but if these are of the opinion, if you records and even if your edit, you will find you with a much stronger collection.

Is another rule applies to most animal photography, shoots of front.With few exceptions, there is rarely much appeal for rear view create a from the scene.

The approach is much more natural, and in General, your viewers more easily connect with. photos of Bird This is the most important Bird because usually you find on the view that present them their partner, while the rear sight is rather obvious or even disguised.

Finally, as far as possible, make the height of the eye.

Floor or shore Bird s that often means getting down on my stomach.For the high breeding Bird species, this always means as much as you can.Of course, you are not on the level, but more you try, the results will be better.Telephoto lenses help printing, you are alone.more equal, but not limited to,

If you photograph Bird s in flight, you must provide and pan and be particularly attention to do not closely related cultures. pictures of Bird Much better cropping things later that you find still and always a tail or a wing cut.Always try you the Bird s in the framework, rather than capture it.

Make sure that you clear thus preserved details you can therefore be completely confident in your identification of a Bird .That is, shots of the head and beak, close the chest and back, as also the wings and tail of forms.(If you plan to sell images always, accurate identification is important, quite still on common name...step buyer will generally just scientific names of course).

Patience and practice

arrived on the ground allow local people more time to get there, will you better images.You do not, try the issue of violence go, to quickly...fly copies only away, in this case see worse visibly stressed...is never a good photo in any way.

Rather wait and see figure on what the comfort zone for types and doors which remain.Most Bird s are instinctively afraid of people, but if sit you and wait quietly, you will find most are very curious, and many will in fact join if you give them the possibility of

also often pull and shoot bunch.Expect your first visit to a region not your best shots, but treat it as a scouting trip.Develop your lines of light, wind and where is your coverage and as you CAN..., trip you before your next.global search can identify as many species

, when you only, you will also find the home decorated with a feeder to you, may be useful photography so that you practice just Bird and can watch the Bird s in relatively closed environment.Remember, the more time you spend your themes, the best photos to go have it


spend a lot of time studying images of wild Bird s of others.Dissect each shot and examine how it...hardware, settings, calendar, positioning and the understanding of the Bird photographer was created and it is behavior.

, Not large wild Bird images occur by chance.In fact often find that they are the best photographers of photos Bird by Bird , but shot by observers of Bird s with the skills of photography.Something to keep in mind!