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Ocelot Pictures

Ocelot pictures


Ocelot photos


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Scientific name:

Ocelot images

Leopardus pardalis

Ocelot pics


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Minor concern

pictures of Ocelot

Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora (Carnivora)

Family: cats (felines)

Genus: Leopardus

Species: l.pardalis

General information:

Ocelot is a small and versatile in the Western hemisphere. Ocelot pictures It is a wild cat that the two varieties of hunting nocturnal and diurnal prey in Central America and South America.Their coat has sought after by hunters has been, and the result that pay the Ocelot s had been considerably reduced.However, he was compromised by the previously classified status IUCN had a rest himself and it is now generally considered a species of least concern.There are currently 10 subspecies of Ocelot has begun to the north up to the American Southwest after the Argentina and the Paraguay in the South.

Physical description:

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Ocelot s skills to slightly more than 3 metres long, with additional narration about 1.5 metre in length.You generally weight of 20-33 lbs. Ocelot photos Although the appearance of a Housecat is similar, it is the reasons Ocelot mantle distinguishes.Their coat is short and make them similar to as a Jaguar, a large part of its range as a whole.


, The Ocelot hunts on a number of small and medium-sized animals.His appetite is very rich in variety, y including reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds.Known species of prey includes rabbits, frogs, crabs, iguanas, monkeys, lizards and snakes.Nearly all the loot hunting Ocelot are much smaller than itself


Ocelot s

are found in a number of different habitats of thorny bush lands in the North to the tropical forests of Central America and the South, in the mountainous regions of the Cordillera of the Andes.Range of small pieces of territory along the American Southwest to below in the North of the Argentina.


Men reach sexual maturity with about 15 months, then that females sexually mature about 18 months.In its tropical habitats, Ocelot and especially races throughout the year, from September to November. Ocelot wallpapers The gestation period lasts about 79-85 days, after which time a small litter usually are born kittens 1-2.Rarely, there is more than 2 young per litter.